"Flip Flop Into Summer" Bulletin Board Idea

Summer and flip flops go hand in hand, and this bulletin board created by Erica Nunez, parent volunteer at Miami Lakes K-8 Center, offers a super fun and cutesy way to incorporate this summer staple into your classroom decor! While colorful and festive, one thing we love about this design is that it's simple, making it a perfect transition board - i.e. when you need something colorful on the wall, but you're between holidays, themes, seasons, etc.

Flip Flop Into Summer!

  • Background: Natural butcher paper.
  • Title: "Flip Flop Into Summer!"
  • Border: Bamboo themed trimmer.
  • Decoration: Whether you create your own accents or purchase them, surf boards, sea animals, flip flops, and tropical accents offer a fun combination of elements! If creating your own, the larger elements work best if you find clip art images that can be enlarged, traced onto white bulletin board paper, painted, and laminated. The smaller elements can be created the same way or printed directly onto colored paper, cut out, and assmebled. To create the tiki hut, go to your local party supply store and check out their selection of luau decorations. If you can find it, a natural deck fringe fits perfectly across the top of the bulletin board, creating the roof of the hut and providing a place to hang your purchased or homemade flip flop garland. Oh, and don't forget the three-dimensional palm tree! Use empty paper rolls to create the trunk and attach palm fronds cut from green bulletin board paper!

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