Motivational Art-Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Art-Themed Bulletin Board to Motivate
Contest Submission

Inspire your older students to take hold of their own futures with this motivational art-themed bulletin board! It was recently submitted for a bulletin board contest we held and is definitely one of our favorites. This idea is sure to add a punch of color to any hallway or classroom, and with the clever saying it will absolutely grab your students' attention (and perhaps get them thinking about where they're headed)!

"When Painting Your Future..."

  • Background: Line the board with 'paint chips.' Grab a few paint chip samples from your local paint store, scan onto your computer, enlarge and print. You may also be able to find something similar online, or you could attempt to create with contruction paper.
  • Title: "When Painting Your Future, Don't Let Anyone Else Hold the Brush!
  • Border: Art-themed bulletin board trimmer
  • Decoration: 1) The Paintbrush - Cut a handle from brown bulletin board paper and the middle section from black bulletin board paper. For the bristles, cut a section from yellow bulletin board paper and cut the paper into strips (fan out to create the 3-D effect). Glue the three sections together. 2) The Butterflies - you should be able to find a variety of butterfly accents at your local dollar or big box store. If it doesn't happen to be Spring or Summertime, you could always create the butterflies by finding an online tutorial!