Marshmallow Snowman Craft

Looking for a craft that incorporates fun and learning? This marshmallow snowman craft is just the project! We found this gem over at Hands On: As We Grow and couldn't wait to give it a try! The best part - as your kiddos 'build' their snowpeople, they'll strengthen fine motor coordination and can also build early math skills.

For example;

  • Students can predict/estimate how many marshmallows it will take to create the snowman.
  • As Allison over at No Time For Flash Cards did, you can have your kiddos count marshmallows in groups of 5, 10, etc.
  • Students can simply count as they place the marshmallows on the snowman, building one-to-one correspondence skills.


blue card stock

craft glue

mini marshmallows

black marker

felt, buttons, construction paper, and other embellishments

Creating the Snowman

Use a pencil/pen to draw the outline of a snowman onto the blue card stock.

Outline the snowman shape with craft glue and add mini marshmallows to the wet glue.

Once the glue has set, use the markers and the craft embellishments to create/decorate the snowman.