"Lovely Ladybugs 'Spotted' in Kindergarten!" Valentine's Day Bulletin Board Idea

Lisa's Little Graphics

Combining an adorable Valentine's Day craft with a cutesy play on words, this bulletin board designed by Lisa, kindergarten teacher and talented designer behind Lisa's Little Graphics, is a great option if you're looking for something quick and festive this week!

Lovely Ladybugs "SPOTTED" in Kindergarten!

  • Background: Use green or blue background paper if you're going for a more 'realistic' approach to the design - i.e. grass, sky, etc. Use purple or pink bulletin board paper if you want to go all for the Valentine's Day theme!
  • Title: "Lovely Ladybugs 'SPOTTED' in Kindergarten!"
  • Border: The original design features a black scalloped border, but you could also add a Valentine's Day themed trimmer if desired!
  • Decoration: 1) The Lovely Ladybugs. The ladybugs are created entirely from construction paper! A large heart cut from red construction paper becomes the 'wings'. A medium oval cut from black construction paper and a medium oval cut from pink construction paper become the 'head' and 'body, respectively. (The black oval is glued on top of the heart, at its point, and the pink oval is glued underneath the other end of the heart so that only half of it can be seen!) Small black hearts are used to create the ladybug's 'spots' and small pink hearts are fashioned to created the 'eyes'. And, last but not least, antennae are cut from pink construction paper! While older children would be able to create their own by simply following an example and directions, for younger crafters you might consider creating a template for them to trace, cut, and assemble! 2) The Accents. Along with the ladybug crafts, we love how Lisa used simple black circles (or 'spots') to fill in some of the blank space and tie the theme together, as well as several doily hearts as an extra nod to the holiday!

While the original board was crafted for the Valentine's Day holiday, we love that, with a few minor design changes, it could become a simple spring bulletin board!!

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