Literature Christmas Tree

Christmas Classroom Decoration and Literacy Preschool Lesson Plan
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This fabulous holiday decorating idea comes from Laura over at A Day of Wonders. For their local county historical museum's Festival of Trees event, she and her sons set about creating a holiday tree inspired by their favorite Christmas literature. It turned out spectacularly and we think it might provide inspiration for your own classroom literature Christmas tree!

The great thing is, you don't have to start from scratch. Laura provides a wonderful selection of literature suggestions, tutorials for creating the ornaments, and lots of fun projects to check out along the way. Use some of her ideas, or brainstorm a list of your own, taking into account your kiddos' interests. Not only are the literature-inspired ornaments super cute and meaningful, we love how Laura went the extra mile when decorating the tree by creating an ornament from each scanned book cover and setting the actual literature selections out under the tree for all to enjoy!

Be sure to head on over to A Day of Wonder to start planning your own literature Christmas tree!