"I Love You SNOW Much!" Adorable Snowman Ornament Craft for Kids!

Photo Source: A Cupcake for the Teacher

While the holidays are over, we still thought we'd share this adorable snowman ornament craft that we found over at A Cupcake for the Teacher in the event you keep an inspiration folder for next year because it makes an awesome parent gift!


clear plastic ornaments

iridescent decorating shred

orange and black Sharpie paint pens

chenille stems in assorted colors

pom poms in assorted colors

low temp glue gun

winter gift bags


gift tag

Photo Source: A Cupcake for the Teacher

Creating the Ornament

We recommend setting up four stations for your kiddos to rotate through!


At the first station, have students stuff their ornament with theiridescent decorating shred. You'll need something to help get the shred in the ornament. Teri recommends using the eraser side of a pencil.


At the second station, invite students to use the Sharpie paint pens to draw the snowman's face. For younger crafters, you might need some adult supervision for this station.


At the third station, students select the pom poms and chenille stem for the snowman's 'earmuffs'.It's best to use a low temp glue gun to attach the earmuffs therefore, for safety, you'll need an adult for this station.


At the last station, have your kiddos wrap their gift! Simply have them put their ornament in a winter themed gift bag and tie on the gift tag (check out Teri's super adorable FREE printable tag) with a ribbon!

Photo Source: A Cupcake for the Teacher

Super adorable, right!? For this and lots of other great activities, crafts, etc., we highly recommend checking out Teri's blog, A Cupcake for the Teacher!!

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