How would you keep communication open between you and the parents of your students?

Sample Answer: I have always felt that communicating with parents is vital to the student’s success. At the beginning of each year, I make a point to talk to all parents, including those that don’t attend “open house”, whether I have to call them, email them, or reach out to them in some other way. I also send home frequent notes on how the student is performing and goals that are expected to be met. I have also thought about starting a class website with access to only students and parents so that the parent can see more of what the children are doing in the classroom. I also make sure that parents know how to contact me during my planning period in the event that they need or want to discuss something with me. If parents aren’t encouraged to participate in educating their child, the child suffers as a result.

Tip: School districts crave parent involvement, which is why they would love this answer. Teachers that encourage parents to communicate with them are becoming a commodity, and parents are participating less and less in their child’s education. Districts want to see teachers making an extra effort to get parents involved.