How would you describe a successful lesson?

Sample Answer: A successful lesson is a lesson where my students are fully involved, listening and interacting with me and each other regarding the material presented. I plan my lessons to be thought-provoking and fun at the same time because I believe that students want to have fun and that they learn more effectively when learning is a pleasure, not a chore. I try to implement this concept into each lesson to the best of my abilities. The true measure of a good lesson, however, is when I can look at tests and quizzes on the material and see a good level of understanding and comprehension on the student’s part.

Tip: When answering this question, it is good if you can provide an example of a successful lesson that you have taught, and that you take this example and focus on how you determined it to be successful. Interviewers know that planning lessons is an integral part of teaching and they also know that teachers who are successful are great planners. Placing an emphasis on the fact that that you are continually analyzing the lessons that you present, looking for weaknesses and strengths, shows the interviewer that you are always open to improvements and that you are constantly working on further developing this skill.