How would you deal with an angry parent?

Sample Answer: When dealing with an angry parent, I believe that it is important to remain calm and reasonable.  It just doesn't do any good get all fired up and lose your temper.  In my experience, I have found that by dealing with people in a rational and logical manner it helps to defuse the tension in the situation.  I also think it is really important to always respect other people's points of views, regardless of what they are, and especially, when talking with a parent who is upset and angry.  Parents are naturally sensitive when it comes to their children, so it is important to try to calm the parent down, listen to what they have to say,  and talk with them through the issue, always keeping their point of view in mind.

Tip: When interviewing applicants, school districts are looking for teachers that are assertive and that are willing to stand up for what they believe in.  Conflict in the classroom is never desirable, and schools want teachers who can get along well with other people.  Yet, they realize that difficult situations and difficult people are likely to be encountered from time to time. A diplomatic candidate that can avoid being argumentative while respecting the other party is much sought-after.