How much experience do you have working with computers?

Sample Answer: I have lots of experience working with computers.  During college, I actually took some online classes that helped me to further expand my knowledge of computers and the Internet.  I am familiar with both Mac and Windows formats, and can easily navigate both operating systems.  I also have extensive experience with Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  I also maintain my own blog.

Tip: Today’s schools have evolved to the point that many things are done online or via computer.  Many schools have digital lockers that allow students to complete their homework and turn it in online.  To keep up, teachers must demonstrate a working knowledge of computers and cyberspace.  If you are not that familiar with computers it definitely wouldn't hurt you to get a book or two, and maybe do some research online to learn how to better utilize technology in your classroom and get familiar with popular programs like Microsoft Office.