How Does Tee Height Affect Driving Distance?

Physics and Sports Science Fair Project Any golfers out there? For those students interested in physics and sports, this science fair project idea that attempts to determine whether tee height affects driving distance would make a great experiment!


  • For results that are less skewed, select male and female volunteers who have proven consistent when driving the golf ball - i.e. experienced players versus beginners.
  • Compare male versus female results to see if results are the same across genders.
  • Consider asking your local golf retailer or sporting goods store if you can use their launch monitor which will give more data on each drive - i.e. club head speed, ball speed, spin rates (backspin and sidespin), trajectory, carry distance, total distance, how far off line from your target, etc. This data will help you draw conclusions!

We're sure there are many more things to consider when putting this project together, but that should give you a start!