How do you feel about team-teaching?

Sample Answer: I believe that team teaching can be advantageous in many ways. The biggest advantage of team teaching is that it fosters a supportive environment for the teacher that allows for the development and implantation of new teaching strategies while aiding teachers in feeling isolated. It can also increase the likelihood of a sound approach to dealing with problematic students while having other teachers nearby that you can use as a sounding board to be able to share both the joys and frustrations of individual class sessions. Further, when there is a collaboration of teachers in one classroom, it is simpler to come up with solutions for motivating and teaching students, as well as for establishing expectations for behavior.

Tip: Many school districts are going with a team-teaching approach, so establishing that you can handle the pressures and unique challenges of the team-teaching method is a good way to show your versatility and flexibility for the district’s needs. Like any employer, the school district wants to hire teachers that have a “can do” attitude as opposed to an attitude of “I don’t do windows”. Being adaptable and accommodating will make you more approachable and valuable to school administrators, increasing the likelihood of being hired.