"Hooray For MLK Day!" - Math & Literacy Activities

MLK Day is right around the corner and we've been busy trying to find some last minute {and simple!} ideas that you can use in the classroom as you and your kiddos explore the life and legacy of this important historical figure!

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The KinderGals, Kim and Megan, never disappoint when we need fun activities on the fly! Here are several awesome math and literacy activities from Kim's 'Hooray for Martin Luther King (MLK) Day' packet!

All About Martin Luther King

Photo Source: KinderGals

As you read books about Martin Luther King Jr. (and perhaps even watch Dr. King's famous speech!), make sure your kiddos are recording their learning along the way! Simple journal pages where students can record a sentence and/or draw a picture are a neat and simple way to do this!

We also think Kim's cute craftivity, where students create a likeness of Dr. King and write several short sentences about him, provides a wonderful 'wrap-up' activity!

Cause & Effect with Dr. King

Photo Source: KinderGals

Cause and effect is a repeating theme, both in learning and life, and is a great concept to explore as you and your kiddos discuss the life and purpose of Martin Luther King.

Kim's flow chart provides a fantastic visual of the concept and aids in walking students through each step in the discussion;

  1. "What was wrong?" - What did Dr. King want to change?
  2. "What did Dr. King do?"
  3. "What happened?" - What were the results of Dr. King's work?

MLK Number Combinations

Photo Source: KinderGals

Dr. King had four children - two boys and two girls. Using this fun fact, along with clip art and activity mats, Kim had students determine how many other ways they could make four kids - i.e. 0 boys and 4 girls, 1 boy and 3 girls, etc. A simple, yet unique way to learn about MLK while also practicing problem solving and other early math skills!

The best part about these activities? You can find all of them - plus lots more! - in Kim's "Hooray for Martin Luther King (MLK) Day!" packet on Teachers Pay Teachers! We suggest heading over to check it out as well as visiting KinderGals for other awesome ideas! It really is a fabulous resource!