Homemade Reindeer Christmas Card

homemade reindeer Christmas greeting cards and toys
Photo Source: Made by Joel | Joel Henriques

While we all love getting greeting cards over the holidays - they give us a chance to catch up with those we haven't seen for a while, let family and friends know we love them, and share the joy of the season - what happens to the cards when the holiday ends? There are those 'Martha Stewarts' out there who save the pile of greeting cards to repurpose for the next holiday season or teachers who attempt to save them for projects in the classroom, but in general, most cards are thrown out. Joel Henriques - father, artist, and creator of the site Made by Joel - offers a solution with this reindeer Christmas card and toy!

Supplies You'll Need

Not only does he provide a fun solution to Christmas card waste, he offers a template, making the project that much simpler! Download the template, print it onto heavy craft paper, then arm your students with various graphic art tools and craft materials for decorating. Finally, add a holiday message and your greeting card/toy is finished! You might consider creating other Christmas card characters in the same style as Henriques' reindeer, or using the crafts as classroom puppets (a great addition to Rudolph songs or stories) instead of cards!

Made by Joel: Holiday Reindeer Cards