Hand Print Calendar: February

homemade calendar for february with hand print heart and poem{Looking for a fun way to review the days of the week and months of the year? Try this hand print calendar! Students are sure to love the "hands on" artwork as well as the special poem for each month. If completed before the holidays, this makes a spectacular (and functional!) Christmas gift for mom and dad!}


In February, we celebrate the people in our lives that we love. What better to symbolize the month and the Valentines day holiday, than a hand print heart. Your students couldn't create a better valentine for their parents!

Supplies You'll Need

How To Make A Hand Print Heart

hand print heart and valentines day poem Have students paint both hands red. To make the heart print, have them slant their hands (fingers toward each other), firmly pressing their left hand to the paper, then their right hand. [NOTE: Their fingers will overlap forming the point of the heart.] Invite your preschoolers to make the heart print on one side of the paper so that there's room to glue the poem.

The Poem

A Valentine for You

Valentines, valentines,

Pink, red and blue,

I've made a pretty one

Just for you!

Use word processing software to type out the poem, add a border, and print it onto card stock. Students will then be able to cut around the border and use glue to attach the poem to their calendar page.