"Good Character Is Our Super Power!" Superhero Bulletin Board Idea

Contest Submission

A superhero classroom theme is so much fun! Not only do we love the vibrant, high contrast colors, we also think it offers a great opportunity to empower your kiddos throughout the school year, reminding them that they have the ability to be super students and super human beings!

While we've posted similar designs, we love how this board (a contest submission) came together! We're floored that all of the elements were created by hand, including the lettering, and while that certainly took a lot more time, it was definitely worth it!

Good Character Is Our Super Power!

  • Background: Purple bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Good Character Is Our Super Power!" - Cut from black paper, we love how the designer used a white oil pastel (or piece of chalk, colored pencil, etc.) to create the look of 'bubble' letters/give a three-dimensional appearance.
  • Border: Yellow scallped trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Cityscape. Cut a simple cityscape from black bulletin board paper. Different size rectangles and squares cut from yellow construction paper serve as 'windows' on the buildings and a brown oil pastel can be used to add shading/depth to the windows. 2) The Superhero Characters. If you're not too keen on drawing your own, you might consider finding or purchasing clip art that can be enlarged, printed or traced, and cut out. Otherwise, draw your own onto white poster board (sturdier than bulletin board paper) and use markers, paint, or oil pastels to color it in! [NOTE: That the superheros sport a 'B' on their chests coordinating with the name of the school and personalizing the board!] 3) The Character Words. Aren't these neat!? We love the starburst effect! We suggest starting with the words - drawing, coloring, and shading them as desired - then creating the starburst underneath. Shading goes a long way in making these words 'pop'! Again, if you aren't feeling overly artistic, you could probably make something similar with a computer!

A super design for a truly super classroom theme!

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