Germs & Us

Elementary Life Science Science Fair Project
Photo © 2008 Umberto Salvagnin, Flickr

As we head into the flu winter season, it's important for all of us to know what environments allow germs to thrive and how we can effectively counteract these flu and sickness carriers to remain healthy. For those students interested in biology, this project - designed by fourth grader Saiswaran Manorathan for the 2010 Canadian Virtual Science Fair- makes a cool study!

Project Overview

Manorathan began by making a list of places where germs can be expected to thrive:

  • Computer keyboard
  • Currency/Money
  • Kitchen sink
  • Toilet seat
  • Door knob
  • Credit card

Each of these locations were tested for amount of bacteria to find which presents the biggest threat. Next, Manorathan chose several different cleaning agents - including hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes, soap water, etc. - to test on these areas to determine their ability to kill germs.

For a full project overview including detailed experimental procedures, data charts, observations, conclusions and science fair set-up, be sure to visit Saiswaran Manorathan's project submission page!

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