Fun with Popcorn - Which Brand Pops the Most Kernels?

Cool Elementary Science Fair Project
Photo ©2009 Vegan Feast Catering, Flickr

Talk about having the best-smelling, greatest tasting experiment at the science fair! We think this project, exploring which brand pops the most kernels, created by Karen Muska would be great for elementary students. Please note that because it deals with hot oil, students attempting this experiment will need adult supervision and help! To start, go on a field trip to the local grocery store(s), making a list of the various popcorn brands and their prices. You'll want to test brands that cover the price spectrum - from value brands to premium brands. [NOTE: If items are on sale, note their original price.]

Karen does a great job of taking prospective experimenters through the project process, so be sure to visit her site for the full details. Our only addition/extension is the price component. At the end of the experiment, you'll be able to confirm which popcorn brand is the best value for your money.

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