Footprint Craft - and Graphing Activity! - for Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day Kids Craft and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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How cute is this footprint groundhog craft from Tippytoe Crafts?! Whether you're hoping for an early spring or love the brisk weather of winter, Betsy offers two adorable variations for your kiddos to choose from!

Groundhog Day Graphing Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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While the craft in and of itself offers a fun addition to your Groundhog Day plans, you might also consider using the crafts for a fun graphing activity - like this one from Growing Kinders. Have your students base their craft on the following prompt - "Do you like warm or cold weather best? - using their answer to help them decide which variation to create, then use the dried project to cast their vote. You and your kiddos can then analyze the data once everyone has had a chance to present their preference {i.e. tally how many students like warm weather, how many students like cold weather, compose more/less statements for the results, etc}.

For the full craft tutorial, including the cutesy poem that goes with it, be sure to visit Tippytoe Crafts!