Donut' We'd Do Without A Teacher Like You! - Teacher Appreciation Board

Donut Teacher Appreciation Bulletin Board Idea

It is so very important to let teachers know how much they are appreciated - not just during Teacher Appreciation Week, but all year long! However, Teacher Appreciation Week does provide a wonderful opportunity to go all out! You probably already have your plans set for this year, but if you need a last minute decorating idea (one that can be paired with a super sweet snack!), check out this fun donut themed bulletin board!

'Donut' We'd Do Without A Teacher Like You!

  • Background: Yellow bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "'Donut' We'd Do Without A Teacher Like You!" - We really like the look of the contrasting fonts. Use two different types of bulletin board letters or, if you have a personal cutting machine, consider making your own letters! You could then play with both the font and the paper used!
  • Border: Sprinkles trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Donut Box. Make the element three-dimensional by stapling an actual bakery box to the board or find a clip art image that can be enlarged and traced onto pink bulletin board paper. If creating the cutout, we suggest using pastels, chalk, or another graphic art tool to shade/add detail to the shape to make it look like an open box. 2) The Donuts. Create a donut template (or download a template like this one), tracing the 'donut' onto tan construction paper and the 'frosting' onto dark brown, pink, and white construction paper. Use glue to add actual sprinkles to the frosting cutouts or simply create 'sprinkles' using colorful markers, then assemble. Of course, you could also simply print clip art donuts (like these found at onto heavy card stock.