Does Eye Color Affect Peripheral Vision?

Middle School Human Biology Science Fair Project
Photo © 2009 Mikleman, Flickr

Reading a book. Riding a bike. Driving a car. These are all things we need our peripheral vision for. Ever wonder if eye color affects peripheral vision? High school student, Hannah E. Sallee, entrant into the 2010 California State Science Fair, wondered this very thing and decided to test it. 

Using a homemade vision protractor, Hannah tested how well participants - 5 with blue eyes, 5 with green eyes, and 5 with brown eyes - could detect the size, color, and shape of various objects. Hannah didn't say in her project proposal how many times she tested each participant, but we suggest testing them at least 3 times for more conclusive data.

For more project details, be sure to click over to view her science fair entry form. Additionally, for more information about peripheral vision testing, check out this additional project - Now You See It, Now You Don't - from Science Buddies!