Does A Person's Favorite Snack Say Anything About Their Personality?

After encountering Dr. Alan Hirsch's book, What Flavor is Your Personality? Discover Who You Are by Looking at What You Eat, Megan, seventh grade student and contributor to Free Science Fair Projects, wondered this very thing...

"Can a person’s favorite snack choice can indicate certain aspects of their personality?" 

She broke the project down into two parts. In the first data collection session, Megan actually had her participants choose and eat their 'favorite' snack {from a selection of eight predetermined} then fill out a questionnaire that explored their snack preferences as well as how they viewed their personality. In the second data collection session, participants simply completed an online questionnaire. Snack choices were the invention of the participants and the subjects did not actually eat the food.

For the full project - the questionnaire as well as Megan's results - be sure to visit Free Science Fair Projects!

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