Do you typically have a positive outlook on things? If so, give some examples.

Sample Answer: I definitely have a positive attitude when it comes to most things. I have always found that a positive attitude is very contagious, and inversely, so is a negative attitude. I believe that staying positive is important in the classroom. It facilitates the learning process and helps you to develop a great relationship with your students and fellow teachers. I have never achieved anything with a negative attitude. I prefer a ‘can-do’, positive, and upbeat atmosphere in the classroom, both for learning and teaching. Positive teachers yield positive students – and positive students are effective learners.

Tip: Obviously, school districts want teachers with positive attitudes. And really, when you think about it, what interviewer doesn't want someone with a positive attitude?   I don't think I've ever been in an interview where they asked, "Do you generally have a positive attitude and outlook on things?" and you answer with an enthusiastic, "YES!" only to hear them say, "Well... I guess you're not really what we're looking for then.  We were hoping to find someone that could be a real downer.  You know, someone that could consistently bring down those happy, positive people who are always looking at the bright side of things."

Obviously, that was just a joke, but you get the point that having a positive attitude is favorably looked upon.  By portraying a positive attitude, you will be seen as having the ability to better and more effectively do your job. Positive teachers are more successful and are a hot commodity!