Do agree or disagree that you should demand respect?

Sample Answer: I do believe that teachers should be respected, and that they must demand respect from their students, but demand it in a respectful way.  Now, more than ever, students are not taught respect at home, and school remains their only outlet for receiving instruction and guidance in how to be respectful.  If we as teachers do not require that students respect us, some students may never learn to be respectful at all.  Respect is also essential to maintaining control in the classroom. If students don’t respect you or their fellow students, they certainly won’t feel compelled to behave or follow directions, or even hand in their homework.  Showing respect to every student and getting respect back from them is definitely important in every classroom.

Tip: Most school districts believe that teachers should be respected, and they realize that a good teacher who is in control of their classroom and their students will demand respect.  Districts don’t want to hire teachers to “be friends with” students. They want to hire teachers who can help to mold the student into a successful and productive adult.