DIY Christmas Fingerprint Gift Tags Craft

Christmas Fingerprint Gift Tag Craft for Kids

Great for wrapping secret Santa gifts before students take them home to their family or for your kiddos who are home for the holidays and looking for something to do, these DIY fingerprint gift tags not only provide a fun crafting opportunity, but are functional too!

What's neat about this project is that there are lots of different designs you can try out! Above you'll find a Christmas tree, reindeer, Christmas lights, and a snowman, but you could also make your kiddos' fingerprints into;

  • A Christmas wreath. Create a circle of green fingerprints. When dry, draw on a bow, holly berries/leaves, or other decorations!
  • Ornaments. Create prints in different colors. When dry, draw ornament hangers at the top of each and add fun patterns.
  • A candy cane. Alternate red and white fingerprints, creating a cane shape.
  • An elf. Create a large peach fingerprint. When dry, draw on a hat, ears, a collar, and a face!
  • Santa. Similar to the elf, create a large peach fingerprint. When dry, draw on Santa's hat, beard, coat collar, and face.
  • Peppermint candies. Create a white fingerprint. When dry, use red or green markers to create a peppermint swirl pattern on the print.

And these are just a few of the other options! Simply get creative and have fun!