Describe your college experience(s)?

Sample Answer: Aside from taking the required classes to receive my teaching certification, I was also employed by the campus tutoring center where I worked with students who were struggling in various subjects, including algebra, calculus, and geometry. I think that gave me a great foundation when I began my student activities during my last semester.

Tip: Again, not a question, but a statement that is intended to prompt you for a response! While questions that require a “yes” or “no” answer may be easiest, it is this type of open-ended question that gives you the opportunity to give a thoughtful and intelligent response. This is your time to shine! And remember, being asked about the past is usually an attempt to predict future behavior. School districts ask you to describe your college experience so that you can highlight the achievements that you made, the organizations you were involved with, and the extra-curricular activities you participated in. Focus on the things that you did in college that make you a good fit for the position.