"Day or Night Our Stars Shine Bright" Bulletin Board Idea

Motivational Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: McKinley Early Childhood Center

Check out this creative bulletin board the teachers at McKinley Early Childhood Center put together! Perfect for recognizing the 'stars' in your class any time of year!!

Day or Night Our Stars Shine Bright

  • Background: Light blue bulletin board paper for the top half of the board and black for the bottom half.
  • Title: "Day or Night Our Stars Shine Bright" - Create by tracing letters onto white and yellow construction paper - or use pre-cut ready letters.
  • Border: No border is necessary, but you could select a star border or something that would compliment the background color if you wish.
  • Decoration: 1) Sun and Moon - Create the sun and moon from yellow and white bulletin board paper. Using a black marker, draw on the cute faces. 2) Stars - use a die-cutting machine to cut stars from yellow and white construction paper (or find a clip-art image online to trace if you don't have a machine available). Write each child's name in a star and arrange on board (yellow on blue and white on black).