Crafting & Math - 100th Day Hats

100th Day of School Kids Craft
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To go along with their 100th day glasses {featured yesterday at our blog!}, try out these awesome hats from Kinder by Kim! Not only are they fun to wear, they'll help your kiddos explore the number 100 - of course!

100th Day Hat Assembly

  1. Cut 12" x 18" pieces of construction paper into 2-inch strips, lengthwise. Provide each of your students with a strip to use as the band of their hat. Using a marker, invite your students to decorate the band penning, "Happy 100th Day!", "100 Days Smarter!", "I survived 100 days!", or another festive message.
  2. Cut 9" x 12" pieces of construction paper of assorted colors into 1-inch strips, widthwise. Provide each of your students with 10 colorful strips of paper and - using markers, stickers, paint daubers, or other craft tools - have them decorate each strip with 10 objects. {See example above and below}100th Day of School Craft for Kids
  3. Finally, size the bands to fit each of your students' heads and have them glue the strips of paper to the inside of the band, creating a funky hat to wear! [NOTE: Encourage them to hold the strips in place for several seconds in order to make sure it will stick.]