Comparing Name Snowmen

Winter Snowman Math and Writing Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We loved the name snowman project we saw floating around Pinterest, but this just takes it to a whole new level! What a fabulous way to teach your kinders about number comparison! We found the extension idea over at Mrs. Patton's Patch...

She simply had her kiddos create name snowman and paste them, side by side, on a large 'snow-scape' {made from blue and white bulletin board paper}. Then she had her students break up into pairs and write comparative sentences about the snowmen.

  • Amanda has the same as Olivia.
  • Tara has less than Gregory.
  • Samantha has more than Tara.

Not only will your kinders practice using important comparative terms - same/equal to, less than, more than, etc. - they'll get some writing practice as well!

Be sure to head on over to Mrs. Patton's Patch for lots of great photos of this project, and be sure to hang around for lots of other great activity ideas!