Christmas Tree Made From Recycled Egg Cartons

Egg Cartons
photo © 2010 Rachel Strohm | more info (via: Wylio)

This fun Christmas craft comes from the creators of Craft Elf! Not only will it help use up some of the recycled supplies and the craft embellishment odds and ends in your art cabinet, it'll provide a cute classroom decoration for your classroom door or walls this holiday season!

Supplies You'll Need

Before beginning the craft, cut the individual cups from the cardboard egg cartons. Because the material is sturdier than regular paper, etc. this is best done by an adult. Place the cups into a large box or bowl.

Day 1

Drape student desks with newspaper, setting up a "painting station" for every group of four students. At each station, provide shallow bowls of green tempera paint and foam paint brushes. Invite students to take turns coming up front to the box of egg carton cups and counting out ten. Returning to their seat, show students how to hold the egg cup (like a "hat" - resting atop the fingers of their non-dominant hand) and paint it. Provide students with a piece of paper (labeled with their name) to set the cups on as they're painted. Then set them all aside to dry.

Give each table wrapping paper scraps, ribbon, and washable glue. Invite students to make Christmas "packages" - cutting a square or rectangle of paper and creating a bow/ribbon embellishment like those found on gifts. Also, have them create a large trapezoid from the wrapping paper to be used as a pot for the Christmas tree.

Day 2

Provide students with the recycled cereal box panel. Invite them to arrange and glue their green egg cups in the shape of a tree onto the cardboard. Draw or cut a brown trunk from construction paper, then add the Christmas tree pot and wrapped gifts. Once they've glued all the pieces on, provide them with the assortment of craft embellishments and let them go crazy decorating their trees!

Free instructions to make a Christmas tree from eggcartons