Christmas Math Game: Shopping for Santa's Suit

Winter and Christmas Money Math Game Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We love this Christmas math center idea from Suzan at Krazy for Kindergarten! It's a fabulous way to help your kiddos strengthen matching skills, introduce coin money, and give them a little taste of how an economy works {i.e. currency/something of value is exchanged for goods and services}.

You'll need...

  • A currency die {use this blank template from SparkleBox and glue plastic play money to the sides or find clip art images to print or paste onto the side}
  • A Santa suit price list {Suzan offers a free printable at her blog for you to use!}
  • Red, black, and yellow construction paper to make the parts of Santa's suit
  • Cotton balls

To play, students take turns rolling the currency die, matching the coin picture on the die to the price list, and acquiring the specified piece of Santa's ensemble. Should a student already have the matching piece, they must pass the die to the next player and wait until their next turn to try for another part of the suit. The first player to assemble the entire Santa suit, wins!

Such a fun, festive game that your kiddos are sure to enjoy! Suzan offers a lot more holiday math center suggestions at her blog, so be sure to visit Krazy for Kindergarten to read the full post!