Beautiful Craft Stick Snowflake Ornament Craft!

These simple craft stick snowflakes, inspired by the adorable button snowflakes we found over at Red Ted Art, would make a great addition to your crafting plans this winter! Perfect as a holiday project, or even homemade gift, these ornaments not only make fun Christmas decorations, they'll also add a festive touch throughout the winter season!


craft sticks (3 for each ornament)

white craft paint

paint brush

craft glue

white/clear beads and buttons

white/silver craft puffs

iridescent glitter {optional}

Creating the Ornaments

Start by painting the craft sticks with white craft paint. [NOTE: If you plan to use glitter, sprinkle it onto the craft sticks while the paint is still wet/tacky.]

Once dry, glue the craft sticks together to create a snowflake shape.

When the glue has set, use the beads, buttons, and craft puffs to decorate the snowflake shapes.

Finally, attach a piece of ribbon to the decorated snowflakes and use them to decorate! They fit perfectly on the Christmas tree, but they'd also look great strung together to create a garland, hung on a window, or even hung from the ceiling!