All About Me Rainbow - First Day of School Activity

Back To School Kindergarten Lesson Plan

We've been finding so many fun first day of school activities on Pinterest and other great sites that we thought we'd pass this cute 'All About Me' rainbow craftivity along just in case you're still waffling! Since the first days of school are usually used as a get-to-know-you/get to know the classroom and school, we figured this project would fit right in - providing you with the opportunity to get to know your new students a bit better, helping students get to know their classmates better, and providing some vibrant decor for the classroom!

Here's the gist...

Provide each student with a cloud cutout and six strips of construction paper, each a different color of the rainbow. Assign each colored strip a different get-to-know-you question and create a key. For instance;

Back To School Kindergarten Lesson Plan

To complete the activity, invite your students to write their name on the cloud cutout and then use the key to fill in each colored strip. With all of their answers written down on the strips of paper, have them use glue or craft dots to assemble the craft! And, When you're finished, these can be hung from the ceiling, clipped to a clothesline, or used to create a vibrant back to school bulletin board!

**Excuse the recurring craft on the mock-up! Hopefully you still get the gist!

Back To School Bulletin Board Idea and Kindergarten Lesson Plan