Bag Activities - All About Me!

All About Me Kindergarten Lesson Plan

It's always nice to spend some time at the beginning of the school year getting to know your students {and helping your students get to know each other!}. We found this cute idea, submitted to Cheryl Sigmon's website, and thought we'd pass it along!

Student of the Day

Provide each of your kiddos with a brown paper lunch bag. Invite them to take it home and fill it with pictures that fit various selected prompts like...

  • My family
  • My pet {or favorite animal}
  • My favorite thing to do
  • My favorite color
  • My house

Have your students turn in their "All About Me" bags on a certain date and each day after, randomly select a student to share their pictures with the class. [NOTE: You might also have your kiddos mount their pictures in a bare book - creating a scrapbook of sorts - then place the books in the classroom library for students to explore throughout the year. Sample book shown above.]