Literacy Center Activities: Rainbow Sight Words

This literacy center activity will help your kinders strengthen letter recognition, learn/review focus sight words, and build printing proficiency. Creation is simple, the exercise can easily be adapted to include new groups of focus words, and students will love the colorful cards made during the activity!

Sight Word Tracing Kindergarten Lesson Plan

  1. Create a list of focus sight words.
  2. Sight Word Tracing Kindergarten Lesson Plan

  3. Setting out the list with a box of blank index cards, invite your students to start at the top, scripting the sight word onto a card and quietly identifying each letter as they write.
  4. Sight Word Tracing Kindergarten Lesson Plan

  5. For extra practice and exposure, have your kinders choose three or four different colored markers {or other graphic art tools} with which to re-trace the word, once again, quietly whispering each letter as they go. When complete, have them cross the word off the list and move to the next entry.

When students have made their way through the entire list, you might consider having them punch a hole in the corner of each 'rainbow sight word card' and string them together with a binder ring for future review and reference. As the focus sight word list changes or expands, students can continue adding more cards to their collection.