Spring Plant Unit - Eating the Parts of a Plant

Spring Garden and Plant Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: dutchhill.sno.wednet.edu

Last May we featured this same activity, but we thought it looked like Mrs. Stensland and her kindergartners had so much fun snacking on the parts of a plant, that we had to share it again! Not only is it a fun {and unexpected} way to get your kinders to eat their vegetables, as part of a unit wrap-up, it also offers a great hands-on way to review the parts of a plant.

Activity Preparation

Create a tray for each group of students, placing all the food/plant choices onto paper plates, and set the tray in the middle of the table. As the picture shows, Mrs. Stensland used sunflower seeds, broccoli, celery, baby spinach, and carrots.

Eating the Parts of a Plant

Provide each student with an inviting them to select a plant part from each plate in the middle of the table and sort it into the correct box on their worksheet. Once everyone has had a chance to participate, review the correct answers, then invite your kiddos to sample the different plant parts! [NOTE: You might consider providing each table with a bit of vegetable dip and each child with a cup of water!]

As an extension, invite students to record their reactions to each plant part in their science journal - Did they like/dislike it?, Were they surprised by any of the parts?, etc.

Note: We noticed the printable worksheet we were linking to no longer exists so we decided to create our own version. Enjoy!

Eating the Parts of a Plant Worksheet

Spring Plant Unit - Eating the Parts of a Plant


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Heather Sharp (Dallas, US)
Great freebie!

Perfect as a recording sheet for sampling vegetables.

Brianna Humblerack (Prince George, CA)

Thanks for your generosity

Christina Ensling (Malvern, US)
Perfect plant page

Great resource

Gordon MacBeath (Charlottetown, CA)

great for our pre kindergarten class to see parts of plants

Elaine Oliveira Rios Ferreira (Belo Horizonte, BR)

It Was very useful in my classes.