Snowman Sequencing - FREE Printable Worksheet

Winter Snowman Sequencing and Writing Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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While the conditions certainly can't be categorized as "snowman making weather" here in Northeast Ohio {seriously, I don't even care if it looks like a light frost, I just want some white this Christmas!}, we thought your kiddos could get in some 'practice' time with this adorable activity from Mrs. Hodson of Today in First Grade! It will strengthen both ordering, as well as writing skills!

First, provide your kinders with the snowman cards {Mrs. Hodson generously provides a free printable worksheet at her blog, so be sure to head over there for the download!}, inviting them to place the events displayed on the cards in the proper sequence. Next, using the cards as a reference, have your kiddos write a mini tutorial for building a snowman using a 'first', 'next', and 'last' approach. [This might be a fun activity to have your students complete in pairs or a group.]

Consider having students create booklets - pasting a snowman card on the left and describing the building process on the right!

Be sure to visit Today in First Grade for the worksheet and for lots of other great activities!