Back-To-School "All About Me" Graphing

Back To School and All About Me Math Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Julie Lee of Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten is at it again, this time with a super fun "All About Me" unit! Perfect for the beginning of the year - it's a great way to dive right in with some new skills as well as get to know your kiddos a bit better - we know your students will have a blast with the different activities!

While there are some great reading and literacy activities, we were drawn to all of the fun graphing activities Julie included in her unit...

  • Eye Color Pie Graph (our favorite!)
  • How Many Letters Are In Your Name?
  • I Am A... {Girl, Boy}
  • What Color Is Your Hair?

Learning about the different types of graphs, how graphs help us, and participating in organizing collected data into various graphs make these activities a fantastic fit for kinder! However, we also love that each graph incorporates student created elements/crafts!

For these and lots of other great activity ideas, be sure to visit Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten!