The Cat in the Hat Clothespin Craft!

Dr. Seuss Read Across America Cat in the Hat Kids Craft
Photo ©2012 Sarah Butler, Pinterest

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss' birthday and, to celebrate, we found this awesome clothespin/pasta Cat in the Hat craft from Sarah Butler! A stroke of snow day genius, there are so many things you can do with this craft...

Supplies You'll Need

Suggestions from Sarah... 1) Use a hot glue gun to attach the pasta pieces to the clothespin before giving them to students, 2) while you can try other paint, puffy/fabric paint offers better control because it's a thicker consistency, and 3) you can find tons of free Cat coloring sheets/printables online, simply select your favorite and scale it down!

Wondering how to use these fabulous crafts? Here are a few suggestions! Attach a magnet to the back, providing your kiddos with a fun way to display papers and projects on the refrigerator at home. Mount a piece of twine/ribbon on the front of your desk, along the window sill, or even on a bulletin board and use the Cat clips to display 'Seuss-tastic' student work throughout your Seuss unit. Glue a safety pin to the back to create a festive pin for Seuss day!

Thank you Sarah for allowing us to share your awesome craft! For all of you Pinterest fans out there, be sure to check out/follow Sarah's school ideas and other pinboards!