Self-Portraits & All About Me Bookets

Back To School All About Me Preschool Lesson Plan and Craft
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Check out this super cute back-to-school activity Susan Cooley over at First Last! did with her new kiddos! Loading her firsties up with craft supplies - construction paper, scrapbook paper, yarn, scissors, glue, markers, colored pencils, beads, etc. - she invited her students to create a self-portraits. Then she had them complete an "All About Me" booklet to attach to the portrait and display!

We're not sure where Susan got her booklet, but if you're looking for some inspiration for creating your own or FREE printables, here are a few suggestions...

[NOTE: We're sure there are lots more great printables floating around out there, but these will give you a great start!]

While you'll have to assist your preschoolers with filling in the booklets {perhaps you might send them home for parents to complete with their kiddos}, we think this is a great way for you to get to know your students and for your kiddos to get to know each other!

For the full post, be sure to visit First Last!