Learning About My Body

Body Science Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: ateachingmommy.com

We found these fantastic resources for teaching your preschoolers about the human body at A Teaching Mommy. Not only have they put together a full three-day lesson plan, they provide links and printables for each activity. You'll have to visit the blog for the full lesson, but here's a sneak peek of our favorite activities!

B is for Body Collage

Introduce your kiddos to the various parts of the body with this fantastic collage activity. Print the letter cutout onto a piece of white card stock, providing students with craft scissors so that they can cut it out. Next, invite your students to cut out and glue the body part images to the letter and, when dry, paste the entire collage to a piece of colored construction paper.

Ziploc "My Body" Book

Designed by Jenae of I can teach my child, compile a "My Body" book using Ziploc bags, scrapbook paper, and photos of your students. While they're certain to know where to find their eyes, ears, mouth, knees, elbows, etc. by now, it's always fun for your kiddos to see pictures of themselves and their classmates. This can be another great introduction to the vocabulary/terms that will be used throughout the unit!

Head on over to A Teaching Mommy for these and other great "all about me and my body" activities!