Crocodile Snap! Alphabet Game for Kids

Alphabet Game - Crocodile Snap!
Photo Source: Growing Kinders

Add excitement to letter practice with this super cute Crocodile Snap! game Kathleen featured over at Growing Kinders! All you'll need is a Cascade pouch container, green craft foam, wiggle eyes, green pom poms and the FREE printables Kathleen provides in her TPT store. The game is played simliar to "bam" and can be used in a large or small group setting. What a great way to add a touch of fun to your literacy center activities!

Here's how to play:

Fill the crocodile container with letters and snap! cards (print out extras of the letters your kiddos need help on) and place the container in the middle of the group.

Alphabet Game for Kids - Crocodile Snap!
Photo Source: Growing Kinders

Students take turns pulling a letter out of the crocodile's mouth - you can have them either practice saying the letter, or the sound the letter makes. If they get the letter correct, they can place it in the center. If they get the letter wrong it goes back in the crocodile.

Alphabet Cards for Crocodile Snap!
Photo Source: Growing Kinders

If a student pulls out a snap! card, all your kiddos snap their arms together like a crocodile and say "snap, snap!" All the cards in the middle then get put back into the container.

Crocodile Snap! is such a fun way to work on letter recognition and sounds! To grab the FREEbie and to learn how to put the crocodile center piece together, head over to Growing Kinders.

And if you like Crocodile Snap! you're bound to find additional ideas for your Kindergarten classroom on Kathleen's awesome blog!