Earth Day Experiment - Can You Undo Water Pollution?

Earth Day Pollution Preschool Lesson Plan
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Visual demonstrations and hands on experiments offer fantastic learning opportunities! Especially when it comes to science, when your students can see, feel, smell, etc. the various concepts you're talking about, they're more likely to connect with and grasp the material. We just love this experiment from Cindy over at Along the Way - it's great for any time of year, but with Earth Day coming up, we think it would be a fabulous addition to your lesson plans! 


While some forms of pollution can be remedied or reversed - this isn't always the case. That's why prevention is so important. Cindy wanted to demonstrate this very idea to her kiddos, so she offered them a tub of water and a menagerie of pollutants and invited them to dirty the water. Once finished, charged them with the task of returning the water to its previously sparkling state.

Her kiddos found that this was impossible. While the larger pieces of trash could be picked out, the other pollutants had left a lasting impact on the tub of water.

Not only is this a fun sensory exercise {every preschooler likes to play in water!}, it's also a great reminder that we need to be careful and treat our earth with respect. To see what 'pollutants' Cindy had her kiddos use, be sure to visit Along the Way!