Green Eggs and Ham

Can Sam-I-Am convince you and your kiddos that green eggs and ham is a delicious meal that can be enjoy anywhere and everywhere? Whether or not you agree with this beloved Seuss character {and we highly suggest you try your own version of the 'delectable dish'}, Green Eggs and Ham offers a fun addition to your Seuss birthday bash/Read Across America plans! Here are some lesson ideas you might consider...

Dr Seuss Math Preschool Lesson Plan
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Green Eggs & Ham Graphing. Have some graphing fun with these adorable interactive graphs from Amanda over at Mrs. Terhune's First Grade! Not only are the anchor chart and voting cutouts super cute, this activity provides a great opportunity for counting and simple graphing practice.

Dr Seuss Literacy Preschool Lesson Plan
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Word Family Match-Up. Build early reading/literacy skills with this Seuss-tacular matching game from Melissa over at Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations. Simply create colorful egg cutouts, penning word chunks/families on the yolks and words that belong in each word family on the whites, then invite your kiddos to make the appropriate matches.

Dr Seuss Pre-Writing Preschool Printables and Preschool Lesson Plan
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Beginning Writing Worksheets. Help your preschoolers strengthen hand muscles and fine motor coordination with these FREE printable worksheets from Amber over at A Teaching Mommy. As they trace each pattern, learning the strokes, they'll also practice proper pencil grip and writing posture! [NOTE: The download includes 3 worksheets in total!]

Dr Seuss Literacy Preschool Printable and Preschool Lesson Plan
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Rhyming Word Egg Match. With this cute {and FREE!} printable activity from Victoria over at obSEUSSed, your preschoolers will strengthen critical thinking and visual discrimination skills as they work to construct each egg puzzle, as well as build sight/rhyming word recognition.

Dr Seuss Pretend Play Preschool Lesson Plan
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Green Eggs & Ham...Sandwiches! Preschoolers love pretend play. Construct your own "Green Eggs & Ham Sandwich Shop!" where your kiddos can take orders and create/sell sandwiches. [NOTE: With the toppings you might also include an impromptu patterning lesson!]

We hope these lesson ideas/resources help you and your kiddos enjoy this rhyming Seuss-classic!