Who Am I? - Back To School Class Book

Back To School Class Book Preschool Printable

Here's a cute "get to know you" idea to put in your inspiration folder for back to school -  a "Who Am I?" riddle book! This project is great because it helps students learn a little bit about their new classmates, provides your preschoolers with practice drawing self portraits, and strengthens your kiddos' deductive reasoning skills as they work to figure out the student who matches the description!

Since we were unable to get the printable where we found the original booklet {via Chalk Talk}, we decided to create our own. The download includes...

Back To School Welcome Preschool Printable

...a cover page with a space to pen in who the book was created by,

Welcome Back To School Preschool Printable

...a riddle page where students can script or dictate to you clues about themselves,

Welcome Back To School Preschool Printable

...and a self portrait page where students use graphic art tools to draw a likeness of themselves as well as script their name, revealing the answer to the riddle.

Your students are sure to have a blast with this exercise!

Who Am I? - Back To School Class Book

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