In Action... - Bulletin Board For Displaying Student Photos & Work

Elementary Art Bulletin Board Idea
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Whether in the art room or classroom, this versatile bulletin board designed by Whitney Farr, art teacher and creator of the site, My Heart Is In Art!, is great for the early childhood classroom. It's fantastic for an open house or even the transition between the winter holidays and spring, and your kiddos will certainly love seeing photos of themselves on display!

"In Action..." Student Photo Board

  • Background: Yellow bulletin board paper. {As an art teacher, Whitney most certainly added the white swirls and detailing herself. Try using paint or even chalk!}
  • Title: "Artists In Action!", "Great Students in Action", "_________________ [Mrs. Nelson's Busy Students, Room 203, etc.] In Action!", "Caught on Camera!", "We've Been 'Framed'!", etc. Whitney hand-drew the sign, but you could also use traditional bulletin board letters.
  • Border: Complimentary solid trimmer or brightly colored pattern trimmer.
  • Decoration: Mount candid shots of your students at work and play on pieces of colored construction paper!

Supplies for this bulletin board...

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