All About Me Glyphs

Back To School All About Me Math Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Check out this fun back-to-school activity we found over at Mrs. Jump's Class. "All About Me" glyphs are a fabulous way to get to know your new kinders as well as introduce them to each other. Additionally, in the process of crafting, your kiddos will also build early math skills and practice following directions!

Since it's likely to be a first, keep your glyphs simple - i.e. invite them to answer only 2 or 3 questions, each having only 2 answer options. Gender is always a fun and easy distinction. Girls could place a bow on their cutout, while boys could add a baseball cap. Other question suggestions...

  • Which summer activity do you like best? - Swimming or riding bike.
  • Which junk food do you like best? - Potato chips or candy.
  • Are you ticklish? - Yes or no.
  • Which do you prefer? - Cats or dogs.
  • How many siblings do you have?

The final results are sure to be colorful and worthy of displaying on classroom walls so classmates and parents can enjoy them!