Adorable Handmade Penguin Valentines!

This penguin valentine is super cute, right!? Not only is it cute, it's also pretty simple to put together! We love that (apart from the base) the penguin is crafted from heart shapes, and paired with the cutesy play on words, these penguins make fantastic homemade valentines.


black, white, orange, red, and pink construction paper


craft scissors

craft glue

wiggle eyes

Crafting the Penguin

Fold both the black and white pieces of construction paper in half, 'hot dog style'. Use the black paper to create the penguin body (we went for an oval top with a curved square bottom) and create a tall, skinny heart from the white paper. Mount the white heart onto the black 'penguin body' cutout.

Cut hearts from orange construction paper to create the penguin's feet and beak.

Add wiggle eyes.

Use red and pink construction paper to create the heart valentine, gluing it to the penguin to complete the craft!