3 Super Fun Shamrock Activities for St. Patrick's Day!

Photo Source: Preschool Alphabet

Lindsy over at Preschool Alphabet put together this great list of shamrock themed activities for St. Patrick's Day and, if you're looking for some holiday inspiration, we suggest checking it out! Eight activities in all, we're sure you'll find something great to try with your kiddos.

While you'll have to visit the full post for all of Lindsy's suggestions, here's a peek at our three favorite lesson ideas...

Photo Source: Preschool Alphabet

Grow Your Own Shamrocks. Did you know that Target carries shamrock clover kits in their dollar section around St. Patrick's Day? Cool, right!? Each kit comes with a pot, soil, and shamrock seeds, and is a great way to add a science connection to your holiday lesson plans! We suggest creating an observation journal so that students can draw and write about the changes they see each day!

[NOTE: Other places carry shamrock growing kits - Michael's, Amazon, etc. - if Target doesn't have them!]

Photo Source: Little Wonders' Days

Shamrock Scavenger Hunt. Send your kiddos on a scavenger hunt! You'll need green plastic Easter eggs, 'treasure' to hide inside, and shamrock cutouts with clues to help your kiddos find each of the eggs. Since you'll be working with a classroom full of students, consider having students work in teams and hide the eggs in more challenging places. Also, instead of hiding candy in the eggs, you might consider hiding puzzle pieces that, once all of the eggs/pieces have been found, can be assembled to 1) give a final clue to help students find the 'pot of gold'/candy treasure or 2) give students a special St. Patrick's Day message/treat - i.e. "For the rest of the day, sit by a friend", "Enjoy an extra 15 minutes of recess", etc.

Photo Source: Preschool Alphabet

Color Mixing Shamrock Craft. Ever thought about adding a little color theory to your St. Patrick's Day plans? Provided with a shamrock cutout and two dabs of paint - one yellow, one blue - have your students use their fingers to mix the two primary colors to create a green clover! Add a little pizzazz with a sprinkling of green glitter while the paint is still wet and - voila! A sparkling shamrock perfect for holiday decorating!

These are just three of the awesome activities Lindsy has compiled! For the rest, be sure to visit Preschool Alphabet!

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