2 Fun Parent Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day!

Need a parent gift idea for Valentine's Day? Here are two great ideas from Rachelle over at What the Teacher Wants!

Pretty Poems

Photo Source: What the Teacher Wants!
Photo Source: What the Teacher Wants!

For the younger set, this activity offers a festive way to review sight words, learn new vocabulary, and build handwriting skills. (This is, after all, a gift for their parents. They'll want to make sure everything is done just right!) For the older set, it can offer a fun mini-lesson on poetry. Perhaps, in place of the cutesy rhyme, you might consider having students try their hand at writing their own short poem of their own.

Whatever your kiddos' age, the cool part is that Rachelle offers the prompt paper (for FREE!) over at What the Teacher Wants, making this activity easy peasy! She suggests, once you're kiddos have finished, mounting the pages onto patterned scrapbook paper and laminating them. Parents are sure to love, not only the sentiment, but the preserved sample of their kiddos writing/drawing as well!

Hand Print Refrigerator Magnets

Photo Source: What the Teacher Wants!

Here's another simple, but cutesy keepsake craft that would make the perfect addition to your Valentine's Day crafting plans!

To complete the activity...

  1. Invite students to trace their hand print onto a piece of colored craft foam and cut it out.
  2. Next, have students paste their picture onto a piece of patterned scrapbook paper, cutting around the edge to create a festive border. In her example, Rachelle also added a yarn bow to the 'frame' to add some visual interest. Glue the decorated picture to the center of the hand print cutout.
  3. Invite students to place the poem underneath their picture. Rachelle recommends using printable labels to make this process super easy!
  4. Finally, have students add a piece of magnet tape to the back and - voila!